Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PLE Week 8

This was an interesting article, and as Keith said, very dense.
The biggest problem I see (aside from the fact that it takes a fair amount of time just to learn and become familiar with it) is that it's tough to know how to incorporate it into the classroom. Even when you know how to use it, it takes some creativity to put it into action.
This article stressed the importance of activities being organized into smaller groups that correspond.
The main idea of the article from my point of view is that TPACK can really benefit the students. It insists that it helps teachers to use technology in the class in a way that will relate to the subject.
This process of TPACK can help students learn in a variety of ways that will help them succeed.
This article is important to me as a teacher because it effectively describes the need for technology in the classroom and it gives clear ideas as how to I can help the students.