Monday, February 22, 2010

PLE Week 7

The role of technology is to enhance the learning experience. It needs to bring in some sort of element that couldn't be had without technology. Assignments should be more interesting and more dynamic with new tools. For example, the virtual tour gives a different perspective on the Earth and where things are located, that are different than just looking at a map. It is a given that with the good comes the bad. Students are so good with new technologies that it is possible they will become distracted by them. Texting is a huge problem in schools, and while on the computers, it is hard for students not to become sidetracked on meaningless sites while trying to complete assignments. I have seen multiple technologies used effectively in classes. The first is a simple camcorder. It always creates for a fun environment while the students get to show what they know about a subject. The second is an interactive movie that has the teacher stop every so often and have discussions about what was shown. A third technology that I have seen used is a smart board. I have only seen it once, but what a fun thing! It makes dynamic learning so much easier. Getting students moving around is always a good way to keep them alert and awake.