Sunday, January 24, 2010

Does the average teacher break copyright laws?...Probably (Week 3 PLE post)

So, who would have thought that showing a movie to your students just for fun is against the copyright laws? I definitely had no idea, and thought it would be totally fine. I was way off. After seeing how detailed the copyright laws really are, our group has chosen to draw pictures for our slides. This is a way to avoid having to cite an image that we found on the internet. I guess someone in our group could copyright the picture they drew and then we'd have problems, but I think we'll take the risk. Teachers really need to be aware of these copyright laws for multiple reasons. 1. They don't want to risk the possibility of getting in trouble, even though the majority of things go unchecked. 2. They need to set an example to the students of obedience, and if somehow a student's parent is in-the-know about copyright laws there could be trouble.